Super Solution

www.supercircuits.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE These people see great distances … Hear sounds undetectable by ordinary humans. But they are not superheroes. They’re the customers of Supercircuits. Launched in 1989, Supercircutis provides cutting-edge audio and video surveillance solutions to everything from major corporations to individuals. Current customer count surpasses 400,000 in the US alone. Globally, that number probably...
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Goode Co.: Managing High Sales Volume

Goode Co. SILK Software upgraded the Goode Co. website to the Magento Enterprise platform, streamlining the ordering process of high volumes of perishable food. This large scale project included coordinating shipments from multiple warehouses and full integration of the ShipWorks software to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: Magento Enterprise Upgrade

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics SILK Software revamped the look of Kyocera’s website and upgraded the eCommerce platform from Magento Pro to Magento Enterprise. This upgrade enabled the new site to meet all of Kyocera’s back end requirements and seamlessly integrate with their Visibility ERP system.

Amazon, eBay, Magento 和许多性感的产物

他们的心爱和性感的亵服变得愈来愈受欢迎,ilovesexy.com预备让客户搜刮到,正在本身的土地扩大本身的商品贩卖。他们的产物曾经能够经由过程eBay, Amazon, and buy.com购置,他们盼望ilovesexy的粉丝可以或许间接正在本身的官网阅读和购置产物。另外,每一个假期和新的时节皆有一大批新的产物到场,如何有用的管理凌驾一百万的新产品上架? 从Magento社区版晋级到企业版可以或许资助处理这个问题。为了管理这些大的库存,需求已一个重大的体系为根蒂根基。一个天真的静态目次建立,许可竖立差别的分类的衣饰,已每一个产物的奇特属性做同步联系关系。库存包孕微软SQL体系,以是那些静态类能够很容易天被从新建立,许可他们情人节的促销,万圣节的挑选,大概是假期里的圣诞节。将商品的属性停止了简化和分类,从而能够有效地对商品的数目停止排序和显现。