经由过程迁徙东西,Magento 2的迁徙历程则不费吹灰之力

您晓得吗?据估计,MAGENTO 2 的迁徙历程所需事情只比MAGENTO 1.X晋级多20%? 鉴于Magento 2还没有成熟,许多Magento社区的会员借对Magento 2不是很有信心。思而科正在成为Magento 2解决方案合作伙伴之前,其开发人员便曾经正在Magento 2平台停止测试。正在测试历程中,思而科发明Magento的迁徙历程实在很简朴。 为了使商号晋级到Magento 2的历程越发流通,Magento正在公布最新电商软件的同时也公布了Magento 2数据迁徙东西。经由过程这个东西能够高效将一切主要产品信息,主顾信息,定单信息,商号设置信息,促销信息,和其他信息迁徙到Magento 2上。 该迁徙东西是一个数据迁徙界面的东西,它具有auxiallary考证,进度追踪,纪录和测试的功用,经由过程这些功用能够间接将Magento 1.x数据库迁徙到Magento 2, 而且正确迁徙以是一切Magento数据实体的信息。 该迁徙东西支撑以下Magento版本: 社区版 (CE) 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9. 企业版 (EE) 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14. 若是您要相识更多 Magento 1.x 晋级到 Magento 2 的迁徙历程,请立刻联络思而科!

思而科成为Magento 2解决方案合作伙伴

思而科正在Magento 2正式公布最新版的同时公布正式成为Magento2解决方案合作伙伴。 思而科总裁Dong Xu道:“作为Magento 2顶级合作伙伴, 我们的客户期望我们能用专业知识为他们供应优化的网站。我们也会始终进修最前沿的手艺,打造最好电子商务平台。”思而科作为Magento 2合作伙伴,开发人员需求正在新平台上培训和测试,以把握新平台功用。我们曾经优化我们的效劳,能够为新老客户供应新平台的功用。Magento 2.0将正在2015年11月17往后正式面向客户开放,也会供应新版Magento的报价。

Magento 2 Features

It was 2010 when Magento’s co-founder and then CTO Yoav Kutner officially announced Magento 2 during a Magento keynote. “Finally, the platform is mature enough where it’s requiring a new version.” Fast forward 5 years, and the Magento community is still waiting. Why has it taken so long? Could it have something to do with...
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Benefits of Integrating Magento & SAP Business One

Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform according to Alexa’s top one million sites. Some of the most recognizable brands from across the globe utilize the platform for their online store including: Samsung, Ford, Fox, Lenovo, Olympus, Vizio & Nike! SAP Business One has quickly become one of the most popular ERP softwares available today. Trusted...
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Maximize the Customer Experience of Your Magento B2B Website

To attract today’s savvy buyers, Magento B2B websites must provide immensely satisfying customer experiences.  Online retailers, however, still face numerous problems that can frustrate buyers to no end. Fortunately, SILK has developed a full battery of solutions that efficiently remove these roadblocks to high customer engagement. One of the most pressing issues facing Magento B2B...
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Securing Success for Magento B2B Websites

Virtually every Magento B2B website is aiming for higher ROI and conversion rates. This, of course, requires a phenomenal customer experience. Unfortunately, rapidly-evolving technologies are constantly changing the game. Customers want more, and they want it faster and faster. B2B websites that don’t deliver are poison to today’s buying public – and your bottom line....
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Migrating From Magneto Go to Magento Community

Migrating From Magneto Go to Magento Community Overview Is your store currently running on Magento Go? eBay recently announced they will be shutting down the Magneto Go platform on February 1, 2015. In statement posted online, Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product and Strategy at eBay Enterprise explains that Magento is making this move in order to focus...
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