当您外出时,另有甚么事变会比手机没电更懊恼吗?手机一旦出电,您也会没有肉体。 PowerSkin是一家卖手机配件的零售商,他们的理念就是让每个人皆生涯正在布满电的天下。他们消费了许多用于智能手机和平板充电的挪动电源,这些电源具有生命周期友爱,科技抢先和时髦的特性。 近来,思而科有幸去竖立它的第一个电商站点,该站点的亮点重要为:相应式设想和集成SAP B1。 思而科即设想了PC端,也设想了挪动端,为差别终端用户供应最好的用户体验。 为了连结内部运转流通,思而科把ERP解决方案-SAP Business One集成到PowerSkin网站上。经由过程Magento和SAP Business One的无缝集成,PowerSkin能够及时检察库存状况。一切正在Magento处置惩罚的定单信息都邑正在ERP自动更新。

Streamline Your Business Operations by Integrating Magento with SAP Business One!



Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform according to Alexa’s top one million sites. Some of the most recognizable brands from across the globe utilize the platform for their online store including: Samsung, Ford, Fox, Lenovo, Olympus, Vizio & Nike! SAP Business One has quickly become one of the most popular ERP softwares available today. Trusted...
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Custom Booking Engines for Macao Luxury Resorts

Sands Cotai Central Luxury Resorts Hospitality giant Sands® tapped SILK to build the eCommerce core of their Macao Cotai Central properties’ websites, seamlessly integrating with the MICROS OWS/ORS system. This hotel complex, located at the center of the Cotai Strip, includes the Conrad Macao, Holiday Inn Macao and Sheraton Macao.

The Venetian Macao: MICROS Integration

The Venetian Macao SILK created a custom hotel booking engine for The Venetian Macao, seamlessly integrating with the MICROS OWS/ORS system. This property is one of Macao’s most luxurious resorts.

BenQ: Oracle EBS Integration

BenQ Multinational corporation BenQ, a pioneer in digital lifestyle devices, worked with SILK to build their US site, fully integrating Oracle EBS, multi-channel and CyberSource fraud protection system.

Goode Co.: Managing High Sales Volume

Goode Co. SILK Software upgraded the Goode Co. website to the Magento Enterprise platform, streamlining the ordering process of high volumes of perishable food. This large scale project included coordinating shipments from multiple warehouses and full integration of the ShipWorks software to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: Magento Enterprise Upgrade

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics SILK Software revamped the look of Kyocera’s website and upgraded the eCommerce platform from Magento Pro to Magento Enterprise. This upgrade enabled the new site to meet all of Kyocera’s back end requirements and seamlessly integrate with their Visibility ERP system.

Pacific.com.mx: 多言语网站上线

Pacific.com.mx 思而科软件胜利上线一个新的多言语网站(Pacific.com.mx),如今能够正在多个国度运用。这个网站集成了许多最新的第三方东西,正在背景管理界面里,无缝集成了Everest (ERP), vTiger (CRM)和Tech Data systems。